Annton                 Plastic Clip


   The Annton Plastic Filing Clip is designed to hold 3" (75 mm) of filing within a folder or paper file, and  yet give access to individual papers without removing all the filing from within the clip. The easy action of the Annton Plastic Filing Clip makes it the most useful file fitting for the office.


                                            The Standard Clip                                                         The Medical Clip

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Our Plastic Filing Clip is manufactured on our own premises and are a quality product designed to be the most efficient file fitting on the market. Colour options are available to suit customer requirements.

For further information, click on the Standard Plastic Clip , Medical Clips or the Demonstration button. 

Key Benefits

  • The Plastic Clip acts like a lever arch file but without the bulk when empty.
  • Easy to use. It retains the papers but allows fast access to any individual sheet.
  • Plastic Clips are cheap to buy and can be customized to suit customer specification.


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