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             Annton Plastic Filing Clips are designed to hold 3" (75 mm) of filing within a folder or paper file, and  yet give access to individual papers without removing all the filing from within the clip.  

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The easy action of  Annton Plastic Filing Clips makes them the most useful file fittings for medical files, archive filing & the office. They are come in 2 designs, the all white standard clip or the larger all green Medical Clip.

The Custom Clips give colour & logo options  to suit customer requirements for larger quantities ( 30,000+).

All our Plastic Filing Clip are manufactured by ourselves and are a quality product designed to be the most efficient file fitting on the market. 

For further information, click on the Standard Plastic Clip , Medical Clips , Custom Clips or the Demonstration button. 

Key Benefits

  • The Plastic Clip acts like a lever arch file but without the bulk when empty.
  • Easy to use. It retains the papers but allows fast access to any individual sheet.
  • Plastic Clips are cheap to buy and can be customized to suit customer specification.


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